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What recourse is there when Telus refuses to fix their broken lines that degrade more every year?

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I am a rural customer, and over the course of the last 3-4 years the service has degraded further and further, but only during the summer for some reason. Works great in the winter.


Now, countless techs have examined my setup, determined that it is a service issue on their equipment. A tech did the comparability test in front of me to see if I actually am supposed to qualify for the service, because it is a pretty long run.. and I did (much to the tech's surprise).


But.. when my various calls finally got escalated to a supposed manager, they outright lied to me and said I was beyond the service distance, as an excuse for closing any support and not having to actually update their old line equipment here.


What can a customer do?!


Just Moved In

Description of the issue:


During the summer (and only the summer), the line rate reported by the DSL modem will randomly disconnect. Watching the line states reported by the modem, as here, the dB numbers will start to drop, sometimes ending up in the negative, right before the entire thing 0's out and the service is lost. Upon coming back up, often enough, the line rate gets stuck at much lower values, and a tech has to actually change it on the switch down at the local telus hub




I tell you, if there was an alternative to Telus, almost no one here would use Telus.  There have been petitions by the local community to try to get them to upgrade their equipment here, to no avail heh