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What do I need to move from a T3200M to a user provided router?


I'm an existing Telus PureFibre customer (and very happy with it). I have a question regarding my in-laws configuration.


They currently have Telus Fibre 75. Their internet goes into a small ONT and from there into a T3200M wifi modem.


The wifi modem in the basement feeds into a Telus wifi booster via ethernet which has a satellite device upstairs.

Here's an album showing the devices:


I want to replace the Wifi Modem and Wifi Boosters with an existing mesh system. To do this, I expect I'd need an actual ONT that exposed a set of ethernet ports. Like the one I have at my house.


I have questions:

  1. How does this create connections to the two Optik boxes by the TVs?

  2. What is that small ONT all about?

  3. What's the best words to use to Telus for them to remove the existing devices and configure the ONT + Optik so I can use a separate router?




To add a user supplied router, you need to access the “Advanced Settings” button in the T3200 admin page. From there find the port bridging selection in the menu, activate it. This allows the T3200 to operate for the wireless TV boxes, but output on port 1 an unadulterated feed for the user router to do all the IP assignments and Wi-Fi duties. This means 2 boxes on the desk.

I was hoping to remove the T3200 and replace it with a fibre ONT. Seems that this can't be done due to the Optik boxes. Is there any way around this?

Community Power User
Community Power User

Firstly, it appears that the T3200M has fibre running directly into it which makes it the ONT in this case. The little box in the photo appears to be a kind of fibre junction box. I've never seen that one before. The one I have looks different. The ONTs are not used in all installations. Especially if there is no landline service through Telus that is using fibre. I'm not sure if there is anything that can be said that would get them to install an ONT.


One key thing to note is that if they have Optik, they will need to stick with the T3200M. The vast majority of third party networking hardware won't work with Optik because very few third party routers can handle multi-cast data properly and most not at all. This isn't something that can be changed with Optik because it's how multi-cast IPTV works. 


If the T3200 is bridged and they have an Optik PVR, the other regular Optik box(es) will no longer be able to access the recordings on it. It is possible to connect a third party router to the T3200M without bridging it, and without disabling wifi on the T3200M. I've done it and had no issues with either network.


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I couldn't look under that fibre junction box to get a model name, but I think you're right in that it's just a connection point from the outside world.


If the T3200M is acting as the connection to Optik I guess we're stuck with it. I'll review if they have an Optik PVR or not.


If they do not use Optik PVR, I assume the connection will go:

  • fibre <-> T3200M <-> wireless to Optik boxes
  • fibre <-> T3200M <-> wired to mesh router <-> wireless to mesh satellite

My aim is to manage their intranet set up a little better, separate from the ISP.