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Warning! Travelers to China can NOT access their Telus email anymore. Telus fix ASAP!


Gmail is NOT accessible in China. How are Telus customers who travel to China supposed to access their email now when in China?? There are MANY Telus customers who frequently travel to China. This is a major problem that Telus needs to fix immediately. I have (had) a Telus email account specifically because I could access Telus webmail while in China. Gmail I can't. Telus must restore global email access to their customers immediately.





The last time I was in China I used a VPN to do anything of importance. I wasn't going to take any chances.

Thanks for the suggestion. Are you able to recommend a good VPN?


I wonder if Telus realizes how many customers they may have lost due to this issue. The number of Telus customers who travel to China is significant.

China blocks pretty much anything to the outside world. It affects pretty much the entire internet and doesn't focus on one company "the great firewall of china" they're dubbed.  Express VPN is one that people regularly use when there. But there are many just find one that works well for you.

Telus cannot control how China manages their Internet. If China wants to block traffic to certain sites then there's nothing the outside world can do. There's no guarantee that the Telus mail servers won't be blocked in the future.