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Useless telus wifi adult content filters

Hello everyone since telus upgraded us to Fibre options and replaced our router and wifi adult content filters is useless. I am very frustrated with this. The telus connect app has adult content filters set to turned on and does not block any PORN sites at all on any wifi devices. I need safe internet to protect my teens. What the hell telus? Angry customer.

I used to use open DNS settings free and blocked all adult content
your DNS server entries as: and Now this new router can't use open dns which was the best and safest way to keep the internet family friendly. Fix this Telus get me adult content filtration that works and works well please. And I need it now. Yesterday actually.


Most of the filters and blocks are relatively ineffective now that nearly every website is using secure HTTP (https), as the content is encrypted. Have you considered talking with your kids instead of relying on easily circumventable technologal half steps? Taking time to be a parent to kids is far more effective. Kids have been outsmarting their parents and content blocks like that since they first came out in the late 90's. I guarantee you that if your kids wanted to see adult material, it is so stupidly easy to find, even if you were to try your absolute best to block it. Kids are drawn to that which is forbidden so if they have a healthy understanding of adult things, even just through talking, they'll be far better off in their futures. 


Do you allow your kids access to any of the following?

  1. Any social media platform?
  2. Their own cell phones with cellular data access?
  3. Their own computers, tablets, or phones?
  4. Access to the internet / wifi at their friends houses or any other internet or wifi access anywhere?
  5. Access to search engines like Google and Bing?
  6. Any browser that offers a built in VPN? Quite a few do have that now.
  7. Any modern web browser, especially on a computer?
  8. Do your kids know how to reset a router yet?


1. Basically every social media platform has adult material / porn on it and it's not hard to find.

2. Cellular data access will bypass your wifi DNS restrictions.

3. DNS settings on the individual devices can override any custom DNS you try set on the router.

4. Your kids can easily access adult material anywhere.

5. Search engines can easily display uncensored adult material without needing to go to the websites in question.

6. Browsers with built in VPNs and secure DNS will bypass any DNS set on the router or by the ISP.  That includes Edge, Firefox and Chrome, along with the various subvariants of Chrome out there (Vivaldi, Brave, Opera, etc.)

7. Most browsers also have settings to bypass any custom or ISP set DNS servers.

8. If they reset the router, any changes you make would be cleared.


Sort of a point 9. Most websites also use content distribution networks so banning certain domains and IPs would be useless now as the various websites could have a list of IP addresses that can change without warning.


Essentially the only way to block them from accessing any adult material is to ban them from the internet. Though that would leave them at a serious disadvantage educationally and socially.

I don't want excuses why porn can't be blocked. I know that it can. I want solutions . Porn sites can be blocked and chrome doesn't just bypass dns settings on the router. Porn is a DRUG its called a super normal stimulus. It makes massive dopamine hits in the brain. Obviously I've talked to my teens about it and Obviously they can find it outside of my home and i dont provide a data plan for my sons. BUT why would I want to make it easily available in my home. Blocking teaches them it's not good behavior. Teenage boys are pulled towards this stuff BIG TIME and it's ruining them. Here are teenage boys with E.D. because of porn. It ruins relationships, marriages, causes people to lead secret lives causes shame which causes a repetitive cycle of use. I know allllllĺ about the destruction and brain science of Porn. Would you give cocaine to your kid? It's the same thing DOPAMINE mad inside of our brain is very hard to resist. Furthermore if I go to bank or starbucks and hop on there wifi porn tube sites are blocked. If my kid thinks he can just gon in the garage move dads car out of the way and reset the router to get to porn then it just reaffirms the problem and the insidiousness of porn. That proves its an addiction. If he doesn't do that then he's on a healthier path. Point is the settings in the app are set to adult content blocked and you can still go to any porn tube video site and view everything and my old router was very much safer using dns. If adult content is blocked at Starbucks or rbc bmo cibc then why can't we block it in our homes. It's the right thing to do! I want my old router back if this cannot be fixed