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Unable to access T3200M modem settings after factory reset


I recently moved my modem to a different location in the same room, but afterwards the Internet kept disconnecting on and off throughout the day. I just applied the solution of factory reset then replugging a few times, hopefully it works.


I'm now unable to access modem settings. I cannot access this website and when I go to the Wifi tab in My Telus Account, I receive this message: We're sorry - there was an error loading your Wi-Fi information into our system. Please try refreshing this page or rebooting your modem.


Any suggestions on how I can access modem settings?


Community Power User
Community Power User

Factory resetting is the very last troubleshooting step that should be done. If the connection problems started after relocating the T3200, it would have been better to troubleshoot first before resetting.


To access your wifi settings, connect physically to the T3200 with an ethernet cable. Then follow these instructions. (Ignore the mention of Quebec only)

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