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Telus email migration want to d/l emails to OE Classic 3.0


Hello...I believe I have competed the Telus-GMail migration correctly as I can use it on the 'net. Now I would like to download my emails to my email client OE Classic 3.0. OE Classic is telling me I am entering "Incorrect username and/or password". I have the correct username/email address, and I have changed my password several times, but OE Classic will still not d/l my Gmail messages. Can anyone help?


Thanks in advance...


TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

@65Val I am not familiar with OE Classic 3.0, but I believe info found HERE could help you. In particular, it mentions this:


  • Newer email clients use a secure method called OAuth (Open Authentication) to seamlessly connect to TELUS email powered by Google. If you are using an email client, we recommend using one that has this capability
  • Most of the older email clients (2017 and earlier) were developed before these newer security protocols were available. Therefore, you may be required to set up the less secure apps and use IMAP settings through Gmail before adding it to your email client

Following the second bullet point - adjust secure app and IMAP settings, could be what you need to get it to work.