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Telus Boost - Dropping connection / Dead Spot?

Just Moved In

I've got a setup with 4 telus boost units - and for the most part, it's working really well. I find there is one unit that seems to have a blue light, but the connection is unreliable. For example, I have a sonos one unit nearby - and it drops out frequently; or my amazon echo will "have trouble connecting". The wifi in this area without the boost is decent, so it's probably unnecessary - when I turn the boost off; I have no problems at all.

I guess my question is - is this simply a location issue, is it a boost issue, or is there something I'm missing (For example - if I move this unit somewhere closer to the others, will it help?

My setup is having one boost outside in the garage - about 30 ft away from the house - works ok. 

One next to the window, closest to the garage - works well.

One in the basement with my main wifi unit - works well, hard wired to the wifi

and one on the top floor near the bedrooms. 

There is one unit on the main floor (the one near the window) but it is on the south end of our house, the one on the top floor in on the north end of the house. (3 bedroom home, 2 floors + basement)


Thanks for the help/advice! 


So my question really is - is there an issue with the boost // is there a way to test the unit