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TELUS boost Wi-Fi - main connected via Ethernet works, second shows “wireless” while hardwired

Hi everyone,

So I have a... setup.

When I got TELUS having the modem in our bedroom made sense. We had our main computer there and so that’s where the modem is.

Now in our post PC world the modem is there with nothing to do, so I got the boost main and expansion pack. I have 5 connected.

The first which shows in the app as connected to Ethernet, and I have 4 others through our old house with walls that must be made of asbestos or lead.

One of those 4 boost devices is connected to an unmanaged switch which gets a hardwired connection straight from our modem (TELUS tech ran an RJ 45 connection from our bedroom out to the living room) but as I was resetting the network due to some issues today, I looked at my hardwired one in the living room and the my wifi app shows that it’s connected wirelessly.

It’s fully connected via Ethernet, but I can’t find a way to change this.

Is there something I can do to make that one boost device connect via Ethernet to get a better connection?

I’m really not sure why it isn’t working.

Community Power User
Community Power User

It should work (see this discussion), but I suggest you make sure the Ethernet connection is still live by connecting another Ethernet device to it, and I also suggest you ensure both the originating Boost device, and the secondary one are connected to the same switch to test.


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I have a similar set up where I have a mix of wired and wireless booster connections. Based on my experience, the booster seems to use wired over wireless automatically if the connection is available. I didn't have to do anything - one moment, it was wireless and the moment I connect to the Ethernet port, it became wired. Like the post above, perhaps, start with checking to make sure that the port is live (and connected to the main modem).


I talked to the agents and some said that only one can be wired by ethernet and the others must just be plugged in. Others said that if you can manage to plug all of them in via ethernet - it's great. The first reason doesn't make sense to me, so i conclude that you can hardwire multiple Boosts in.