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T3200M and Lennox iComfort E30




This is my first post here as I'm recently back with Telus after almost 20 years with Shaw.


I have 3 Lennox iComfort E30 units in my house. Each thermostat is hard-wired to its own base station, located in my utility room, about 10 feet from the T3200M.


Each base station has a wifi antenna, and each is connected to wifi, so that it can connect to Lennox's cloud-based service, that allows it to be monitored and controlled via a mobile app. These base station units are also Apple HomeKit capable, so that one can monitor and control them through Apple's Home app and Siri.


Each thermostat's screen can also be swiped, so as to display/adjust each of the other thermostats in the house as well.


Ok, here's the problem...


When the Lennox units are connected to the wifi network created by the T3200M, as hours turn to days, the thermostats stop being able to 'see' each other reliably. For example, the basement might see the main floor but not the second floor, whereas the second floor might not see any others, and the main floor might see all three. Again, the base stations are inches away from each other, 10 feet from the T3200M.


During periods like this, each of the thermostats is still connected to the internet, as the app can see each of the thermostats, and HomeKit can also see all of the thermostats. Restarting a base station would enable it to see the others on the network, for a time...


I had a very lengthy telephone troubleshooting session with a very knowledgeable tech from Lennox, and upon his suggestion I plugged another router into one of the ports on the T3200M, and created another wifi network, and have added just those 3 Lennox base stations to this new network.


The thermostats are now able to see each other reliably (a couple of weeks now with no issues), but they are no longer available via HomeKit since they aren't on the same network anymore.


Anyone have any suggestions?




If you have access to the Lennox IP address settings I would try giving them dedicated (reserved) LAN IP addresses on your router.

The Lennox things are probably setup for DHCP. When they talk to each other, they need static IP addresses otherwise they don't know who to reference if their IP address is changing along with other devices on your network. All in theory of course 🙂

Is the new router set up as an access point? If not, I would give this a try.

In your original configuration, did you have one SSID for both 2.4 and 5 GHz?