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Separate networks using Boost

Just Moved In

Just recently installed the Telus boost system with our T3200. New to the Mesh scene. 


We currently have our basement tenants (and guests) on the Telus boost system. We have a separate router + wifi network connected to the T3200 for my own family use because we have network printers and storage drives. If I want to switch our family network to a mesh system - Telus boost on a different SSID or some other 3rd party - will both mesh systems be able access the printers and storage units? Do I still need a router or some other device to ensure both networks cannot see each other? 


Community Power User
Community Power User

Yes, you still need a router or some other device to keep the networks separate. If you are on Fibre, one option is to place a switch between the ONT and have two routers, one for each user group.


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