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Pure Fibre availability in Calgary (Legacy)

Just Moved In

I am a Telus customer, but live in an old area in Calgary "serviced by copper", not pure fibre. I am moving in a month to another area in Calgary (Legacy in the south east). I just got off the phone with Telus and this new community (actually, it's 5 years old) does not have pure fibre, and does not have copper. No one in Legacy uses Telus? I find this to be really surprising. I have absolutely everything with Telus, even alarm service, and hung up the phone with Telus with the impression that I am not going to be able to carry on using Telus. I asked and heard that there is no copper service, but no new pure fibre wiring? Huh? Has anyone else experienced something similar? Is Telus going to install any service into Legacy? I never would have thought a whole community has no Telus internet available? Seems a bit odd to believe?


Community Power User
Community Power User

Some new areas where all the houses are built by one developer, can mean that the developer / home builder can choose which services are installed. There are a couple fairly new areas in Edmonton where I would assume the developer made a deal with Shaw so that only Shaw infrastructure was installed into the area. That would mean no copper or fibre installed for Telus. It wouldn't be too hard to imagine the same thing is happening in other cities. I'd blame the developer. Running fibre before the area is built is so much faster and easier than afterwards.


Eventually fibre could possibly be added but the neighborhood would be on the waiting list with no guaranteed time of install.  Existing copper areas are on the upgrade list already so it could take a long time.

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I've heard of other areas in Calgary that do not have any TELUS infrastructure. It's up to the developer to bring in the services. TELUS can't just do it on their own initiative. Most developers will bring in all the services because it's a selling feature. I can see situations where an exclusive deal is made however. Shaw HQ is in Calgary after all.