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Overcharged twice by Telus and I don't know what to do anymore

I just switched to Telus after moving into a multi unit building where I was told my building gets a special rate. All I wanted was internet and some TV channels. When setting it up I spoke to someone and got to choose 4 tv channel packages. I noticed many more channels than I signed up for so I called and that person said that it's a better deal and I am not charged more for these theme packages. My total bill was supposed to be about $150/month. My first bill was $707!! I spend all day on a Saturday two weeks ago on hold then talking to some who said I had been signed up for Telus home security, a Telus home phone, a very expensive internet package, plus lots of theme packs. They said they would fix it all and not to worry about the bill. Then I was transferred to Telus home security to also fix that and not be charged, because I don't have that service. I just checked my bank and they took out the whole $707! And I see that I am still signed up for everything and set to be billed June 1 2024 for $600! I am a single person and just wanted internet and a little TV. I spend hours on the phone two weeks ago trying to fix this, and now I still have a huge bill plus the other original bill was actually paid already. Please help me, I don't know what to do anymore. If I call and finally get past the AI I don't trust that anything will ever be fixed.

I had to wait on hold for hours to talk to someone, spent literally over an hour on the phone with him where he swore it would be fixed, he said don't worry about the $707, and transferred me to Telus home security to get that cancelled and refunded. I spent over an hour on hold there, another 30 mins with this person who also promised I would be refunded and cancelled. Only to get the full $707 taken from my bank account and charged $600 for the following month with all the same services. I was literally on the phone all day with them trying to clear this up and now the total charges are over $1300 for what was supposed to be $300.

Hi @Krys1 I want to help resolve this issue. Please look for a message from me in your inbox

Thank you, I was on the phone again on Saturday and I'm not really sure if it's solved as I still got a bill today. I haven't seen a message yet but I'll look for one in my inbox.