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Optik TV occasional disconnects after enabling bridge mode on T3200m


Just as a quick test before ordering a new router, I enabled port 1 bridging and hooked up my old router to port 1 on the T3200m.  On the T3200m, I left 5ghz wifi on for my optik TV boxes, and have the PVR hooked up via a Moca bridge, with one end connected drectly to the T3200m.  Everything seesm to work perfectly, the wireless boxes connect to the T3200m, the bridged router recieves a dynamic public IP, port forwarding works properly on the bridged router, and the PVR works... most of the time.  The only issue I have is once or twice an hour, the PVR bridged via Moca will have it's video freeze, say it's disconnected, then restart after about 5 seconds. This only starts happening after I enabled bridge mode, however I'm just wondering if anyone else had this issue with the T3200m Moca link and Optik TV after bridging their own router, or if anyone has any ideas to try and troubleshoot this.  




Community Power User
Community Power User

Can you set it up with an independent MOCA adapter at the T3200M end of things, rather than using the built in adapter, or test with an Ethernet connection instead?


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I don't have an extra Moca adapter on hand, so unfortunately I can't test that. I also don't have an Ethernet line to my living room, so testing that will be difficult. I suppose I could set up my PVR and a small TV near the modem, but testing will be difficult due to the low frequency of the issue occuring. That will probably be my next step in troubleshooting though, and I hope that fixes it, as it seems a lot of people on hear are able to run Optik through the T3200 and bridge their own router without issue.

I appreciate your input!