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I am looking for practical information on how to know if I have set up my computer security package properly (Norton 360 with LifeLock Premium Plus from Telus - sometimes referred to by Telus as:  Telus Online Security Ultimate).   To me this is all very confusing.  My latest problem is that even when I have signed into Password Manager it still asks me to sign in, then comes up with a blue line spinning in a circle - no instructions, no clues for what is wrong.  So far this among on of the most frustrating and time consuming I have ever done with my computer.  It took over a month of much effort, phone calls, unreturned phone calls, hours of time on hold, etc.  This is a new approach for me and I hope some one can instruct me with a solution or guide me in some way that is better than the programme suppliers.  I apologize for not writing in French - I'm not very good with it.  This was the only Board Choice (Sélectionner le lieu) that was accepted!

I'm getting less and less impressed with Telus every time I try to reach out to them




Here is a link for Norton 360 support in english.