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New PureFibre Install in a 42 Year House


Currently using Telus DSL in a older Vancouver Special built in 1977.   No Cat cables/outlets, probably 2 pair copper line.  Telus Fibre Optic came to my neighbourhood  about 2 years ago and strung lines to most homes.  They strung a line from the telephone pole to my house where it hangs today.

I understand they will punch a hole from the outside into the inside of my basement wall and install an ONT.  


My question is what will they do next.  Will they string a fibre cable to my current modem (connected to a wall outlet) in my 2nd story bedroom?  If so will they charge me extra?  Part of the basement is unfinished and the current line is visible.  Its not like you have to tear up the ceiling.


Also, I have a home alarm connected to the same telephone jack as the modem in the bedroom.  The alarm panel is in the closet.   So what happens to the alarm?  Do it work via VOIP or do you need a device to adapt to VOIP?


Thank you for your response.


Community Power User
Community Power User

The connection between the ONT and your router will be Ethernet, not Fibre. You will need to consider where on the first floor of your home you want your router located, as it is unlikely Telus will be able to run Ethernet to the second floor of your home.


You will need to contact your Alarm provider to ask about connecting their system through Fibre. You can consider Telus Home Security if you wish.



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