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Need advice on Telus Gmail switch while using Monzilla Thunderbird with Lightning


I currently use the Telus e-mail system with Monzilla Thunderbird for mail management, and the Lightning add on for Events/Calendar. I am not super knowledgeable on setting up e-mail systems to work. I currently believe my e-mail is set up in Thunderbird using POP. It seems to me on a preliminary look I may have two options. My preference is to remain using Thunderbird. 


1. Set up a new e-mail account in Thunderbird with the new Telus G-Mail. There seems to be instructions on how to do that. That would leave me with two e-mail accounts and associated folders of saved old e-mails. That would seem to be a bit of a pain which I guess would get better over time. Not sure if I would be able to respond to an old e-mail or not. 


2. The other option I have kind of thought might work is to leave my existing e-mail account in Thunderbird as is, but just edit the properties of the account to the new ones recommended for the Telus Gmail. I believe they are to use IMAP instead of POP. Will that work, or would it "blow up" Thunderbird?


For those with some experience in this setup can you suggest which would be the better option? I have no idea at this point as to what I will do with the calendar/events issue, but I think I may be able to use both the Gmail and Thunderbird Lightning system in parallel?