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My land line is saying "out of service"

Friendly Neighbour

Long time contract customer with excellent credit rating and no overdue account problems. 


Bill was due on Friday. Sometime this afternoon our home phone (land line) was placed out of service. When I call my number there is a message that our number is "out of service". Yet, our internet is still working. 



Community Power User
Community Power User

Are you able to call out still? If yes, when you call your cell, does the correct phone number show up? Typically if your account was in good standing and you were a few days or weeks late on one payment, they're not going to cut your service off that fast.


Get in touch with Telus and report that you are unable to receive calls and that callers receive that recording and if a different number appears on your cell when you call, let them know that number also. If you can't make or receive calls, let them know that. Typically an out of service recording is something on Telus' end that can usually be resolved pretty fast.

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Friendly Neighbour

All phones are dead and I called in this am. The tech service seems to be pretty spotty. First tech and I were able to do a reboot of the Nokia unit and he confirmed the OOS message on our land line. When unit was reset POTS light was still not coming back on. Then we were disconnected. He texted and said he tried to call me but was unsuccessful and would retry in 5 min. After waiting 25 minutes I called back in and got another tech who's phone line kept cutting out which made the call unstable. Eventually, we were able to reboot the Nokia unit twice (once remotely and once locally) and reconfirm the pots was out. I even brought two phones and plugged them directly in to the pots1 port and confirmed OOS. Then we became disconnected but able to remain on the line. The tech texted me and said he can still hear me. (prob hears me typing this, too. lol) So, I have chosen the 11-1pm for tomorrow. The remote tech service model now utilized by Telus has really gone downhill.