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Mesh wifi and telus wifi, can they live together?

Friendly Neighbour

I have an Eero mesh wifi setup. I have set its username / password combo to the same username / password as my telus T3200 modem. 


Will this be a problem or should I put the t3200 in bridge mode. (bridge mode screwed up my access to Bluesound Node, but thats another story).


Below Optik TV does not work on ethernet ports with eero mesh, which is why they are separate


My setup:


ONT -> T3200 -> port4 eero mesh -> DGS-1016 switch -> 16 ethernet ports

                        -> port2 -> switch -> port1 Optik TV box

                                                     -> port2 Bluesound Node


Community Power User
Community Power User

When you say you set the username and password to be the same, are you referring to the login for the devices? If so, that's fine. As long as they have different wifi network names / SSIDs they'll work fine without interfering with each other. I have my T3200 and a separate Wifi 6 gateway and since both have different SSIDs, they work fine without interfering as far as I can tell. I am not using bridge mode on my T3200.

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