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MF279T Drops connection to the internet


Our MF279T randomly drops the connection to the internet.  All of the devices are connected, the device has all of the appropriate lights on.  The only solution is to turn it off and on using the switch at the back.   This is also happening to our neighbour who has the same device.    We rely on our Smart Hub to manage our smart devices when we are not at our cabin and we are 3 hours away from switching it off and on for a restart.


The problem is not reception from the tower.  When it is switched off and on again, a speed test shows an initial start at 30-40 mbps and is then throttled back by the server to our plan's 25 mbps.   


We have spent so much time on the phone with Telus that they agreed we could try a new one which we picked up 5 days ago.  It has stopped 3-4 times since then and we've had to restart it.


My neighbour and I are at wits end.  We are spending hours on the phone with Telus.


Any ideas for us?