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Lost zones T3200M with Wifi Plus

We had poor wifi coverage in the upstairs area of our house. To correct this we got a wifi extender with wifi plus. When installed, we had 4 networks to choose from, two called 2.4G and 5G and two called 2.4G upstairs and 5G upstairs.

Recently we had a power outage and the upstairs networks disappeared. As suggested on the Telus website, multiple resets by unplugging for 30 seconds didn't make the upstairs networks return.

Depending on where we are in the house, on average, we are getting between 25-30 Mbps signal strength.



It sounds like you have a large, busy house. All the better to wifi it up in, right? I'd check the t3200M and see if it registers all of the extra devices on the network. If not, then you may need to run ethernet cables from the non-existent wifi extender to the T3200M modem to see if it can reregister. If so, then it should broadcast the signal wirelessly from the other extenders in the house still working. IF not, then it's possible the power outage may have potentially ruined one of your units, and you'll need to order a new one. Either way, it's good to run an Ethernet cord to all of your extenders every once in awhile, and then lock in their Mac addresses to the t3200M so it won't randomly disconnect. Additionally, try rebooting the T3200M and see if a connection reset fixes the problem. IF all else fails, reorder a fibre upgrade and get a tech installer to come out and replace the equipment.