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LAN connection when bridging

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Hello I have a T3200M gateway from Telus. I want to add a different router. I understand that I can bridge my T3200M and then connect my new router to LAN 1. I assume by doing this the WI Fi signal from my T3200M is turned off.
What I am wondering is what is the status of LAN 2, 3 and 4? Can I still hook up my TV, computer, etc directly to one of these LAN ports? Or are they turned off when I bridge my router?
Thanks for your help!

Community Power User
Community Power User

The wireless radios are still turned on when you use your own router in port 1. You have to manually turn them off logging into the T3200. Ports 2,3,4 are still active on the T3200. If you have Optik TV, always let the T3200 handle that. 


You don't need to put the T3200 into bridge mode you can just use your own router in port 1

Just Moved In

I was under the impression that if you do not put one router in Bridge Mode you may encounter conflicts. The two routers will essentially compete against each other resulting in a problem know as Double NAT.