Issues with 2.4Ghz only devices and Boost Wifi




I've had a chromecast (2.4Ghz only) connected to my wifi network for a few years. I have recently installed 3 boost wifi points around my house and I'm having a lot of issues with the chromecast. Most of the time it can't connect to the network although one of the boost wifi points is basically sitting 2 feet away from it.


I'm also having the same issues with my vivint sky panel (2.4Ghz only).


The "primary boost wifi" is connected via ethernet to the actiontec and I have disabled 2.4Ghz wifi in the actiontec as per recommendation.


Has anybody experienced issues like this?




I'm also having similar issues, with my google homes and chromecasts connecting and disconnecting with my boosted home.


I found out that the problem for me is SmartSteering, the feature that basically mashes your 2.4 and 5 GHz networks into 1 network. Now, you can turn off the smart Steering, however, this does not turn it off for the boosters, so essentially your have 3 networks (if you have your router broadcasting also).


Does anybody know how to turn off the SmartSteering on the boost wifi's? I would like to have my 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz separately and boosted.