If i am getting a service from any company that advertises a certain level of this service is it absolute fraud and or false advertising bad business practice to not give the actual service that is being sold. ????????? When i seem to get real real poor service and then complain to the provider of this service the level of service interuptions increase . **bleep** bad corporate structure when you call customer service and all you can get is automated service. When you try and finally get a human you get a person being paid way less than one half of your own countries minimum wage. So wonder you get someone who does not care can only give answers on a que card. Has absolute no idea of where you are calling from. I get less than 10 % of the service i am subscribed to with NO OTHER options for same service level as advertised for said service. According to the laws of Canada this is a major violation of the law yet company will not even try to fix problem. All company will do is ignore customer and deliberately turn on and off service 30 times a day in an attempt to get customer to give up and switch providers. Real sad when a multi billion dollar company has to stoop so low using false advertising and fraud of seniors to make company profits. SHAME ON YOU TELUS. I get terribly slow internet speed of less than 1 MBPS.


I have complained to the CRTC ,CCTS, Consumer Protection , Competition Bureau . As i get dreadfully slow internet . From what i hear going to be another 18 months before Telus will begin a new tower. My speed most of the time less than 1 MBPS . Pathetic how a giant corporation needs to charge for full rate of service and supply less than 10 % of the service. CORPORATE FRAUD.


I wish i could switch to any other internet provider but being rural 5 minutes to city limits i get a massive less than 1 MBPS from Telus. Internet just stops up to 30 times a day. Pay for service get very bad service from a corporation that does not care . Only cares about cutting costs for CEO bonus. I am a ripped off senior.


I totally agree. While Trudeau made it an election promise to get High speed internet to 98% of Canada by 2019, it seems we’re the 2%. Therefore we should lobby for free internet.

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