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Internet speed 330 Down, 280 Up(330 before), what causes the gap between?

Just Moved In

I just moved into a new place where I get 330 Down and 280 Up, but I did get 330 Down and 330 Up in the previous place which is 5 miles away from the current place. The modern has been changed from T3200 to the white Telus wifi-hub. The speed test has been done under a wired PC and double-checked with a laptop using a short cable just near the hub. Also switched between different servers via So what causes the 50 Up difference? Thank you!


Community Power User
Community Power User

Speed tests can be affected by a number of things. The browser being used, the speed test site being used and the individual speed test server being used are going to be the big three factors. I get different speeds on all. One problem I found with a number of the speed test sites is the file size for the upload is too small so the connection doesn't get up to speed before the file finishes uploading.


If you're on the 300/300 plan, then 280 up is only 20 off expected. Telus usually provides some bonus speed on the download side so that's why you see 330 down. 


I have the T3200 and usually see 330/280 when I run speed tests as well but it varies by browser, site and server. Chrome gives slightly faster speeds on download than Firefox but Firefox gave me slightly higher uploads than Chrome got. Edge was in the middle. Most gave roughly consistent speeds. There are some speed test sites/servers that just tank upload speeds also. I've had a couple return 50-60mbps upload.

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The problem is, I didn't change anything, still the same browser Chrome, same settings, same website, and same server, and I even tried different servers. The only difference I can find is, the previous place is a single-family house, so the tech came to my place and found a fibre connection directly from outside, while the current place is a townhouse with a pre-installed Nokia device, and I guess might be all the residents in the property shares the same fibre slot and split it to each townhouse's Nokia device. I don't know the professional terms, but you might know what I mean. I think that may cause the loss of Up speed.