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Internet 15 DSL or Cable?

Just Moved In

I'm in new west, bc. Internet 15 is the only available internet option in my area. 

I'm wondering if this is cable or DSL?

I'm renting a basement. Upstairs, they have shaw, but they don't share a lot of bandwidth, wifi drops every 10 seconds. They control the router. 

Since there are 2 phone jacks on my wall, I figure I'll just order a DSL and a landline for myself,  I'm not a heavy user, if I can play youtube videos at 720p, I'm happy. 

So I just want to have something easy that I can plug in and get going, no installation needed. 




Hey @Castaway! Yes our internet is DSL. So when hard wired into the modem the network is yours only. For Wireless you would be guaranteed about 75%+ of the  connection depending on your set up / area.