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How does Fibre get installed in my home?


I'm interested in switching from Shaw to Telus.  I'd get Gigabit internet + Optik TV + Home Phone if I went with Telus.  My question is how exactly does it get installed?  Currently, My Shaw cable runs from the lines in a lane behind my house to my detached garage and presumably underground into my basement where my modem and 24 port gigabit switch are.  My entire house is wired with CAT 5E and co-ax to all rooms in the house.  Does the Telus fibre install just go from the lane to the garage and that's it?  Then I just unplug my Shaw modem/router and plug in the Telus modem/ONT in the basement?


Community Power User
Community Power User

If the garage is unheated, Telus will most likely run the fibre to your telephone cabinet. From there, the ONT will be connected to your telephone wiring, and the router. If there is an existing conduit from the garage, they may use it for the Fibre, else it would Most likely be an overhead drop to the house.

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