Home internet continuously drops


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We have been struggling for a few years with our TELUS internet now. It drops right out randomly, and throttles down to .65 upload and download.
We have tried new modems and have had technicians out multiple times. We keep getting told we are trying to use too much wifi, but it will happen when we are using our wired in computers or just watching Netflix.
We have no other internet options here and are seriously aggravated at this point. Did I mention it’s been 2 years??
Any ideas what we can try??
Community Power User
Community Power User

Call and schedule a service call and get a higher level tech out to trouble shoot the issue(s). Keep track of the dates and times you're experiencing the issue(s) and this can help the technician zero in on the problem.


What is the current internet package you subscribe to? I'm guessing you're in a fringe area for service.

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