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HP Wireless Printer Won't Connect to TELUS Wi-Fi Hub

Just Moved In

I am not sure if there was a firmware update in the past month or three, but I have been unable to connect an HP Wireless printer to the TELUS Wi-Fi Hub (the white cylinder modem/router -


I used to have no problem, but then it stopped working one day. Because I don't print much, I can't give an exact timeline. However, after performing factory resets on the printer and other troubleshooting steps including changing my network setup several times to just the bare router (TELUS Wi-Fi Hub) - meaning I removed extenders and everything - it still refuses to connect. WPS won't work, and neither does typing in the password on the printer touchscreen. In frustration I purchased a new HP wireless printer. Same issue.


I ended up putting my TELUS Wi-Fi Hub into bridge mode, and using my own third-party wireless router. The printer connects with no problem to the third-party wireless router. In order to ensure that my wireless Telus TV box continues to work, I chose the "LAN1" bridge mode option so that the TELUS Wi-Fi Hub continues broadcasting a WiFi signal (I changed the network name and password on the TELUS Wi-Fi Hub so as to ensure there are no conflicts with the third-party wireless router).


Just posting this for others who may have encountered an issue lately.


Just Moved In

I've got the same problem.  Same printer.  Even the Telus technician who came out to fix my internet/tv problem couldn't figure it out.  Good to see you resolved it...but it's all Greek to I guess I have to hire Geek Squad.  **bleep**.