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Fibre internet went down today for the first time ever. I have a T3200M router. Reboot fixed it.


Both the T3200M and the fibre internet have been extremely reliable.  Never ever a problem until today.   Just suddenly stopped working.  A reboot of the router fixed it but now my public IP changed.  Did Telus do something like cause my IP to expire or push a firmware update?  I have had that public IP for a long time.  Probably several months.


This is a concern because I go away for long periods of time and access my PC remotely.  If it goes down like this while I am away there is nobody at home to reboot the router so I will lose access.  I am ok with IP changes because I use so I can still get access with the IP changes.  If I need to reboot the router to get it to work that is a problem because that is not possible to do that remotely.


Community Power User
Community Power User

While I don't have a simple answer, your insurance company likely requires regular assessment of your dwelling to maintain your coverage. Might the individual who completes that inspection reset your router if needed? Else might a regular reboot (power cycle) of your router accomplish the same ends? My router gets reset at intervals by the power company, who seem to have outages at more frequent intervals than I need to reset my router for cause.....


Alternately, you could maintain your files off-site, at a location you can access 24/7/365, with sufficient redundancy to cover your needs. This would have more certainty than a residential service.



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