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Fibre drilling and termination box locations

Telus is installing underground fibre in my area, all the homes have underground utilities and all homes face the street head on.

The homes all have from left to right (coming from the under ground right of way at the street like an upside down "T") Copper, Electricity, Right side *your home* Left side, Gas. Then Copper/Electricity next house, etc.

Based on this I assume with they will install Fibre flow pots so that it will be Fiber/Electric, Home, gas, Fiber/Electric, home gas.

Here's my concern, my siding is brand new and I don't want them installing a new termination box on my house and drilling a hole in the wall on the Left (most visible) side. I'd like to request that my flower pot (and hence my termination box) goes on the Right side by the gas meter, and my Fiber and the Right house neighbors (left Fiber) are in the same area. Is this allowed, picking the side, or is there some rule that says all wire services going to a single home must be on a certain side of a home, even my neighbors fibre is right beside my gas line.

Next. If I can not pick what side I want, can I have them snake the conduit up to my Phone/copper termination box and have them just snake the fiber through that box and into the existing hole in the wall. Essentially reuse the Telephone coppe termination box, there is no technical reason blocking it from being done, epically since the only thing in this box is Telephone (not CATV) and telephone copper is going in the trash anyways.

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At my house, they just pulled the fibre through the existing conduit instead of the old phone line.


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@Titanium @kamak @NFtoBC  Same at my place used existing conduit used old copper wire as a pull string and pulled fiber in. Only change was the box on side of house a little bigger with extra fiber coiled up inside for possible repairs later. fiber entered where the old copper wire entered. no new holes. 

I would have thought that my home back in the pre2000s they would have been smart enough to put a conduit pipe. However this is not the case. Confirmed by my neighbor who used to install cable TV. The copper phones wires are just in a thick half inch black outdoor rubber jacket, burried direct in the dirt, no conduit, the plastic "conduit" pipe from the ground level to the box is only a riser, but it's not continuous once it touches a few inches into the ground.

I wonder if I can dig around this riser pipe, and then have them bring the fiber up to it, and then snake the fiber into this phone riser conduit.

@Titanium  It all  goes back to how cheap the subdivision owner was he didn't want to pay for pipe and labour just throw the wire in the trench. It  is coming back to haunt the homeowners now.. You might be able to do your own trench but get every thing located. If you do follow the tel wire  both power and tel  should be in same trench. Power and tel  are never to be in same trench as gas. And of course tel does not want to hand dig you would pay $100 an hour for shure. 

I see, so in this case they will probably not put it on the gas side and be forced to put it on the Tel side. You are very correct in your comment about, save a dollar back then and now a headache today, conduit isn't even expensive.

@Titanium  You will want it on the side where tell entrance is now or your fiber entrance is on other side of house. You will have to wire a new network for your self with 120 plugs for ont and battery backup for phone. Standard phones (plug in wall ) will not work power outage. Hand held phones will not work at all because base station is plugged into 120 outlet.

Well they have to bring fiber to your house at their cost, I assume, so they definitely have to put it in conduit, if it's brought via in-ground (or do they have a heavy duty fiber line that doesn't require conduit?) otherwise it'll be overhead. They also have to bring two lines, they always do, as a backup secondary replacement or as a double line. They will/can bring that new conduit to your existing "riser" conduit. Either replace (most likely) and snake it through the existing ethernet hole.


You have no overhead lines coming to your home now? Not even an old or existing coax cable. Does your house even have coax cable feed from the pole? Is it in conduit?

There are zero poles in my community. Everything is underground. Shaws CATV cable comes up in a pipe behind the Tel box and enters the wall without a there being any CATV box. If this CATV pipe continues in the dirt, unknown need to dig to check. However the CATV goes to a different hub and is not the same hub where Tel is (I've seen the inside of the big Tel lawn box before when a neighbor car hit it and it was wide open for weeks, it only contains tel wires (Cat5) inside, no Coax)

"big Tel lawn box "

So they put a lawn box in without a conduit to the house, that does seem weird, doesn't it.


Again I'm not sure they bury Telus fiber without a conduit. It would seem just plain wrong in my opinion. But let them do it, it's their expense and risk. they will pull it right to the same location as the existing Cat5

That's right, right in the ground.

Inside the box is thick black rubber outdoor grade cable heading to each house.

Inside the 1 single cable jacket are 2 sub jackets.
1. One contains plain old regular blue Cat5. And in the big box the cat 5 twisted pairs finger out of the cable and becomes a rat nest of tel wires.

2. The other contains dead Coax (not used, not Shaws, dead ends in the big box, and dead end at the homes)

This cable goes into the dirt and to the homes. However the primary Mother cable comes up into the box via big 4 inch PVC pipe.

It I'll be easy to bring fiber Into the neighborhood, but a mess to take it to the homes.

OK, there you go, You have existing conduit in the ground. Its just not the conduit you're used to thinking is conduit, it "Non ridged conduit" perfectly fine for Cat or Fiber. They will pull the fiber using the old Cat to the existing location on the side of your house, most likely not need to make any new holes in your siding. Done, solved. Let them do it. Just ask them to not make a new hole, they might have to enlarge it a bit but it'll be the same hole with the existing box or a slightly larger box.

Nope. It's not soft conduit.

You can't slide stuff in and out of it. It's just Coax and Cat 5 that have been melted together under 1 rubber skin. There is zero clearance inside the cable.

Oh, weird. Then they will have to pull/trench and possibly install conduit for the fiber, but it'll be in the exact same location and or replace what is there now.

@Titanium  If you get the all the utilitys located  it called (one call ) i think. It should be a free service but you will have a wait time.  The tell wire along with cable company will be approx between 1 to 2 feet down. Using the paint marks do not use shovel directly over line instead dig from the side an once you expose the wire work your way out to the service box. The power should be at 3 feet with tel and cable  above 2 feet ?. Remark the paint marks rain will erase them quickly. Be  slow and carefull no digging bars or axes. It make a mess but what can you do. Work your way down to cable carefully once found it will be easy. 


You probably have a copper ethernet line to your home also, along with the phone line, one in the same now I suppose? What side is your homes Electrical Utilities closet on? I assume it's all on the left side? You should be able to have the new fiber line put as close to the ethernet line as possible, I believe they have to terminate it where your electrical/coms/utilities box/closet is. Will it be a unsightly penetrator if it it's right close to the ethernet penetration?

The telephone line (as you said) is actually just a Cat5 ethernet cable that comes in and they use a twisted pairs off of that to make the phone.

And yes, the Left side of the house has an electric meter, and the phone box.

"Will it be a unsightly penetrator" yeah it would be. The way the home was set up with the windows, utilities boxes, etc (there's even a small path/hole directly behind the telephone box underneath the siding {you'd never know unless the siding was removed}) was meant for those 2 boxes (electric and phone/cable box) to be there, and nothing else. Place a new box would be tight, unsightly, and involve drilling a hole through thick virgin wall that wasn't meant to have utilities pass through it. Hence why I'd want them to reuse the existing box.

They will use a box in place of the existing one or if need be a slightly larger on. But all the digging and or conducting will be done by Telus, I would NOT attempt to do any of it. A waste of time , risk and money you don't need to bare. It's on them to get the fiber to and into your house. Their cost, time and risk. I'm sure it will be exactly where your Ethernet is right now.