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Fibre Availability

Just Moved In

Telus online tool says my unit does not have fibre. 

I’ve called in and told it’s not available.

This building was built last year and my neighbor right beside me has Telus fibre. I have found the fibre line in my media cabinet.


How can I actually speak to someone who can look beyond what the automated tool tells them? Clearly I do have fibre and there was some kind of data entry problem.



What does the online tool indicate for your neighbor's address?

Just Moved In
There are 6 units in this building. 1, 2, 3, 6 show availability and 4, 5 show not available.
Not sure how that is possible and why I wouldn’t show available yet physically have fibre in my suite.

Community Power User
Community Power User

They may need to send an fibre installer out just to verify that the installation was completed for the two missing units and to verify they can get service at all so it can be added to their database. This installer is going to be different than the one that would be coming out to install service if you ordered it for your unit. The installer will likely need access to the main distribution panel in the building where all of the fibre for all units converges. At least that would be the case if they didn't run 6 separate lines to the building itself. 


One other possible starting point would be the form on where you can request fibre for a condo/apartment/MDU.

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