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Fiber to Home install waiting time

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Hi all,


I stay in a fiber community in rural Alberta, I requested fiber activation and the technician said the fiber drop at the house is not connected to the conduit (21st June 2018) and the only copper available was internet 1. He filled in a form requesting the fiber build support team to finish the installation that same day and I escalated the issue with Telus support 3 days ago. (26 June 2018) 


How long does it usually take for this kind of issue to be sorted? As a simple banking task is now taking more than 10 minutes because of slow internet and the household relies on internet for cloud based work. Are there any ways I can contact the Fiber building support team directly? I'm afraid if it won't be done before winter and we will be royally screwed.


Any advice appreciated.




Community Power User
Community Power User
I would expect a couple of weeks. That was the timeline for an install at one place I am aware of. It is likely the Fibre team is not local, and it is they who run the Fibre from the node to your location. The local Tech completes the final leg from the point of demarcation to inside your dwelling.

I’m not aware of any means to speed the process.
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I had a friend in Fort McMurray call after they waited 2 weeks and threaten to go with Shaw and the contractor (Valard Construction in most cases) showed up the next day to finish running it to the house.  The guy in charge with Valard told her that she said "the magic word, cancel" - and they were out there right away.  Might want to try that, might help.