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Faxing with Telus Fibre??


So I use to have no problem faxing on my old copper home phone. Now we have Telus fibre Internet and home phone. Is it just a coincidence that now I cannot send or receive faxes? If there should be no problem, its maybe it time to dump my Epson printer/fax combo machine. There are a few places that I correspond with that still require old fashioned faxes ( like the government )



If your fax had smart ring ie. a different phone no. than your home phone Telus probably forgot to transfer it over.

You will have to call them to get your fax number transferred to fibre.

Also make sure first that you have dial tone on your fax connection.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Fibre home phone is a digital service (IP phone), not analog. IP phone often has difficulty with fax. Most government services have the means to receive PDF now. Possibly time to retire at least the fax portion of your printer.


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Some of my contacts only use fax for confidential transferring of information for example doctors in order to keep patient information safe and not rely on email that can be hacked (seldom, but it can) or the system or computer could be down for all the reasons that computers fail. There has to be a solution that will allow faxing over fibre. Yes it is an old technology but it works.