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False Data Overage Emails

Just Moved In


As with many on this forum, we are also receiving constant emails from Telus, advising that we are near or at our data limit and telling us to upgrade. And yet our data usage from the Telus website says we are nowhere near our limit. We have always had the same plan, never changed it, and we have never gone over. We have now been emailed that we are over our limit and will automatically be charged for more data. We kept dated screenshots of all our usage charts that show we are not over, but this constant push for us to change our plan is bordering on harassment. If Telus monitors these forums, please let me know what Telus is doing about this. We have asked for a customer service callback through the chat line, but Telus has not replied. 




Community Power User
Community Power User

There seems to be a disconnect between the Telus system that sends out these messages and the actual account limits. I had a similar issue and Telus was able to rectify the issue. Hopefully they will be able to assist you.


Just a long time customer hoping to help.