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Failed to notice contract error

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I called in telus last October 2022 at the end of my contract fot internet service. I wanted to cancel since plans offered by telus are almost double the price of competition (freedom Mobile home internet).

So i told them that competition is offering internet 150 for $60 a month with no contract & unlimited data

So, the customer service representative came back to me eith a counter offer to beat the price since i am a loyal customer but with a contact for 2 year's.

The counter offer was for $50 a month on 2 year term and unlimited data bundle included. I aas happy with the offer and Infact had no issues with telus before. So i took the offer.

Received the confirmation email few moments later. The main content of email stating my plan is $50 + taxes. Also include a pdf file

Not until 2 monrhs later i realized that $50 after all credits is only for 1 year through the contract and next one year is almost $100. Which i would never have agreed in the first place. Rep failed to mention the duration of promo. And i failed to clearly read the contract sent in pdf

By the time i realized after a couple of billing cycles it was too late since it has crossed the 30 day cancellation policy.

Is there anything we can do other than breaking the contract & paying the penality?. I am not interested to pay almost $100 for internet 150.

Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum

Hi @Kodalidatta sorry to hear about what happened with the contract in the 1st place.  If you still have the email with the offer and it says it is on a 2 year term, it should be honored.  I suggest you speak to our loyalty team to revisit the terms of the offer and have alternatives.