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During Zoom laptop screen flickers then goes all black - with some power point presentations


Missed 20 minutes in each of 2 day-long courses, a 2-hr. training and a 1 hr. zoom meeting with some screen shares.  Was getting audio and no video.  I had to log out and then back in.  Otherwise, most Zoom meetings are fine.  Some meetings with power point slides are fine, even with 15-20 people attending.  I upgraded my modem to newer model and upped Internet from 15 to 25.  Downloading speed is close to what it should be - 20.4 for 25 Mbps.  Uploading is 2.5 for 25 Mbps uploading. Agency technician said actually the low uploading speed would usually mean they don't see my camera but this is the opposite.  He said it is a laptop issue and needs further diagnosis but won't do one because I use my personal laptop for work, not a company laptop.  However, it was working fine from March to October.  Just in the last month and a half it is having issues.  Any ideas???  May need to ask for company laptop but would prefer to use mine because I can switch between work and personal on it during the day.


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Community Power User

This issue has been around for at least a year. Plenty of chater on the internet if you google it. Seems to definitely be on the Zoom side, and possibly certain video chipsets. 

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My wife has similar issues and as of late they have not resurfaced.


An easy thing to do is to make sure you are running the latest version of Zoom. It's updated on a fairly regular basis. Currently at version 5.4.6


Download Center - Zoom



Just a long time customer hoping to help.