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Cannot find your Boost WiFi 6 on Tellus connect app

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I am trying to add Boost but it can not be found in the app. Keep looking and after a minute I got message it can be found. Try to restart, delete the app, log out/in and still same. Any ideas?




Community Power User
Community Power User

Which Boost device?

I have always connected to the Boost device by finding its IP address in my router, then logging into the Boost device using the credentials on the device from the IP address I found earlier.

  • Use your browser to login to your router at
  • on the connected devices page, find a device with the word Boost in it. Record the associated IP address
  • Go to the IP address you found above, and login to the Boost device using the credentials on the Boost unit.
  • configure your Boost.

There is also information in the middle of this page.

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This solution does work to manage the Wifi 6 outside of the app but the question was specifically about how to add the Boost in the Connect App.