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Activating IPv6 in Bridge Mode


Hey all, I'm using the Telus Wifi Hub in bridge mode with a Asus AX-11000 but the Telus Hub doesn't seem to be passing IPv6 addresses through. My Asus is generating them but when they leave the Telus hub, they are sent as IPv4. Any suggestions of how to activate this in the Telus Hub?


Just Moved In

Did you find a solution?

I just got fiber with the Telus Wifi Hub and am bridging to a router running Tomato Shibby AIO which has an option to request Prefix Delegation only, but even that doesn't do the trick.


No, but i ended up bypassing the telus hub completely. Bought a fiber media convertor off of amazon for $30 and using the SPF fiber connector in the telus hub to plug into it, then into my asus. Guessing the IPv6 issue is upstream in the telus network, but I'm actually getting 900+mbs download speeds now!