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3rd Party Router and Optik TV

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Hi there,


I am new to working with Telus and am looking for information about how the modem situation works. I am planning on installing Unifi network equipment for my client. My initial thought would be to completely take out the T3200m, take the WAN connection from the fibre gateway (Separate device) and plug it directly into the new router. However, the client uses Optik TV boxes, from what I heard relies on the T3200m.

1: Is it possible to connect the Optik TV boxes to the new, better Unifi Wi-Fi network without using the T3200m at all?

2: If that isn't the case, can I bridge one of the ports on the T3200m to supply a WAN IP address to my Unifi router while still keeping the core functionality to support the Optik TV system? 


Thanks for the help!



Community Power User
Community Power User

With the former Telus Optik, you needed to keep the Telus router, as it broadcast the Multicast signal necessary for Optik TV. I understand the new TELUS TV+ service does not require a multicast-enabled router, so you should be able to use a router of your choosing. Else, you can do as you describe in option 2, which many folks have done, living TV on the T3200M, and everything else on their own router.


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Thanks for the info! If I place the T3200M into "Port 1 Passthrough" will it give my router a WAN IP on port 1 while still keeping up the core network and wifi needed for the wireless Optik Boxes?