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While these channels in Theme Packs are ostensibly connected by themes, it seems that many are not the case and haphazardly arranged into what is NOT a theme. Take Favourite Films for example. This Theme Pack has a paltry three channels in it. When IFC was still an available channel, it was included but then removed and not replaced with anything. Why not add MovieTime to this "theme" where it appropriately belongs? Another good example is Mezzo, a music channel but is included in a "Knowledge" theme pack. It seems that Telus is putting channels together haphazardly and calling them Themes when there is no theme to them. It would be nice if Telus would revamp their theme packs to more appropriately reflect the themes they are supposed top represent.


Would be Nice if they Added MTV to a different theme pack I hate having to pay for CMT because you already get the music channels for free anyway....   And adding the superstations to the Time change and make it one package aswell

Status changed to: New Idea
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @starchoice 


Thanks for the suggestion of revamping our TV Theme Packs, we are always looking for feedback regarding Optik content. I have forwarded this to the teams involved 🙂 

Status changed to: Closed
Community Manager
Community Manager