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Just Moved In
Hello. I’d really like to be able to set my over to tape only Dodgers baseball, not all MLB games.
Thank you!
Community Manager
Community Manager
Just Moved In

I would also like this feature... but for Oilers hockey. The fundamentals are the same. 


The ability to say:

  • I want to record every <insert team name here> game automatically
  • Whether it's on TSN, CBC, any of the Sportsnet channels, or Centre Ice (which I also pay for), record the one(s) that I can actually watch (e.g. do not record blacked out channels for my region (I've accidentally made that mistake before, which is a waste))
    • If I could also pick a preference for the feed to record (e.g. I like the Oilers feed so I can hear the Oilers play-by-play team and not the opposing team's feed)