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I've been delaying purchasing a mobile or cellphone, partly for financial, and partly for environmental/sustainable reasons. Very rarely do I need to make a phone call when away from home, however, I realize that all of the alternative ways of making a call while out shopping or running errands seem to have disappeared. It used to be easy to find a pay phone and make a quick call, and I can think of many situations, some of them emergencies, where people might need and appreciate access to a public phone/mobile. I'd like to suggest that Telus (who I'm told removed pay phones from local libraries) come up with a new, innovative solution to make a publicly available solution to the pay phone for those who are without a mobile, for whatever reason (and there are many). If one were alone in a remote situation where stores have closed, and needed to call for help, it would be great to have a public kind of phone access outside of a gas station, convenience store, or other outlet! As a company devoted to helping people and community, I think this would be a very thoughtful and important service.
Many thanks,
Teresa C.
Victoria, BC

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Community Manager
Community Manager