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I am a new Telus TV customer. I have been with Shaw and would like to give you my opinion on what I like best about your service and what I miss from Shaw. I am as bit of a power user.
1) I love how fast the “skip” function works while buzzing through commercials on taped shows. Shaw was WAY slower and had massive lag.
2) I really miss the progress bar while skipping forward. Shaw has that.
3) I miss not being able to watch recorded shows on my device using the Optik app. I could with Shaw. I found it handy when I watched half a show on the TV s added then could catch the rest on my device while making dinner. If I use On Demand I have to watch from the beginning again.
4) I love that I can set up TV recordings using the app. I couldn’t do that with Shaw.
5) I love that a phone call comes on the screen. That didn’t happen with Shaw.
6) Even though I really liked Shaw’s voice remote, it was very imperfect and never ever responded to my commands on the first try. It also was very laggy.

I really love your services - and your prices.

Keep getting better!!
Just Moved In
One more thing…
When deleting taped shows, I miss the Shaw option to “restore” a previously deleted show. With Telus, once they are deleted, they are toast. It’s actually far too easy to delete the wrong show.

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I agree I never liked shaw, but i Wish they would add recordings to the Optik TV app, Only downside about Optik TV i found really

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Bigmom 


TELUS is constantly working on providing the best user experience with our Optik App. Thank you for taking the time to provide this feedback on what we can work on. I have forwarded this to our Optik team! 

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Community Manager
Community Manager