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On July 19, I got a text saying that my account required immediate attention, I called in and sat on "ignore" for an hour and a half before finally getting a person on the line. I said I needed more time to pay, and that I have been out of work for a while now, despite all of my efforts, and that I called immediately after receiving that text. The guy I spoke with was rude, robotic, and appearing to follow a script. He was uncaring, unfeeling, and kept repeating himself. I explained that I was unemployed, and that I had just made a payment, and if my phone is cut off, I will definitely not be able to find work, he repeated that I had until Aug 8 before my service was cut off. I asked him if he had heard anything I said, and he repeated Aug 8. Today, I got another text - thankfully Telus understands my stress and is not adding to it at all - and I responded with the same thing I called about on the 19th, then I got an email too. WTF?! Seriously? Like my $200 is going to close the doors of Telus?!!! In this post covid era, you would think that they would get it, that they would give people a chance to get back on track, but, they don't. I came online today after the follow up text and email, to find that I could make payment arrangements! The customer service agent didn't tell me I could do this myself here, and I am even more pissed that he could have assisted me when I called! ESPECIALLY after sitting on hold for 1hr & 29 mins!!! I thought Telus was a technology company? Even my little out of town credit union offers me priority sequence call back service!!! I have had a Telus account since the 90's, and when this contract is up, I too will be going elsewhere. Screw this. I come from a background of Customer service, A/R, and collections, and I would NEVER treat anyone the way that guy treated me! I'm done. Good luck people!

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