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Just Moved In

I love the call control feature and it is one of the reasons I love being with Telus Mobility. I sometimes need to deactivate the feature because I am expecting a call but don't know the number they will call me from (like a doctor or signing up for a service when an automated call back is generated). 

It would be a great feature if we could temporarily disable call control for a specific amount of time (eg. Disable for next 24 hrs). After which, the feature is automatically turned back on. Even better is we could specify a time/date range (eg. Disable from DD/MM/YYYY hh:mm to DD/MM/YYYY hh:mm


Hopefully you can take this suggestion to your development team for consideration for a future refresh.


Hi @wysiwyg 


Thank you for sharing this great idea. We will look into this with our product team and let you know if this is feasible.

Friendly Neighbour

I just enabled Call Control and your post points out a problem with auto call backs giving a code number that has top be entered as ID verification for certain web services (such as Revenue Canada).  Haven't had the occasion to try it yet but wondering how that situation would be handled, other than turning Call Control off/on via the MyTelus web site?

Just Moved In

Call control can be temporarily deactivated on your mobile device. Just dial *99  (that's star 99) and the voice prompt will lead you through the menu to turn off, turn back on, etc. The only other way I know of, is to turn it on and off in the Call Control section of your Telus online account.

Just Moved In

I have it on my land line and need to temporarily deactivate it to get a code. How do I do this?

Just Moved In

I have call control on both my landline and mobile phone. I access call control features on either phone just by dialing *99 (star 99), then you'll get a voice prompt directing you how to turn it on, turn it off, etc. You can also access car control features in your Telus online account.