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With the warmer weather, trees are blooming and we’re seeing questions about tree trimming or branches touching TELUS cables. Homeowners are kindly reminded that trees located on private property fall under their responsibility, and we recommend reaching out to a professional arborist to handle any necessary branch trimming at the homeowner's own expense (if this is a power pole the arborist will advise the homeowner to call the power provider).


Most of our cable strands are attached to a portion of power provider-owned poles that we lease. If you’re inquiring about a cable that is attached to a pole, please contact your local power provider to arrange for a trained tree-trimmer to be dispatched as electricity is involved. 


The best way to confirm pole ownership is to verify via google maps. You may also contact the city who may have trained arborists to deal with power poles, otherwise they will create a ticket with the power company.


Here’s a screenshot of what to look for.


Note: On Google Maps, the default view is street level and it may not be clear what kind of pole it is. If you click the image and “drag” up, look for the power equipment affixed to the pole.






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