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Stream+ FAQ


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Stream+ is Canada's first and only premium streaming bundle that lets you enjoy Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, and original TELUS programming at an unmatched price, and it's now available to TELUS customers! With Stream+, you can enjoy your favourite shows and movies while at home or on-the-go, powered by our award-winning wireless network with the best video experience in the country. There's no commitment tied to the service, so you can enjoy it for as long as you'd like and cancel anytime.


With two available plans, Stream+ Basic and Stream+ Premium there's a plan that suits you and your family perfectly!


Let's learn more about Stream+ and get some answers to the most commonly asked questions!



Learn About Stream+


What's the difference between the Basic and Premium plans?

Stream+ Basic includes Netflix Standard with ads and Disney+ Standard with ads, while Stream+ Premium upgrades you to both Netflix Premium and Disney+ Premium!


Where can I learn more about what's included?

You can refer to the support pages below to learn about each service:


What devices am I able to watch Netflix, Disney+, and Prime Video on?

You're all set once you add Stream+ to a Mobility plan and activate your Netflix, Disney+, and Prime Video accounts. Simply log in with the same credentials to start watching on your TV, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.



Adding Stream+


How can I purchase Stream+?

  • You must be an existing TELUS customer and can purchase Stream+ Basic or Stream+ Premium by visiting this page. 
  • You can purchase either of these products using your credit card. Other payments are currently not available.


What if I already have a Netflix, Disney+, or Prime Video account?

  • If you already have a Netflix or Amazon Prime account, you will be able to link your existing account so you don't lose your watch history or account details. Once you link your existing account, your billing will transfer over to TELUS.
  • If you already have an existing Disney+ account, you will be able to link your existing account so you don't lose your watch history or account details. After you activate, you may have to manage your existing subscription to avoid being double-billed. If you already have a Disney+ direct-billed subscription for the same or a lower subscription tier, it will be automatically paused until your subscription via TELUS ends or changes to a lower subscription tier. If your Disney+ direct-billed subscription is for a higher subscription tier, or you have an existing Disney+ subscription that is invoiced by a third party, you will have to manage your subscriptions to avoid having multiple subscriptions. See this link for more details on how to do so.



Managing your service with Stream+


I've purchased Stream+, so how do I start watching content?

Once you purchase a Stream+ bundle with TELUS, you'll receive activation emails for each of the streaming services included in your bundle. Click 'Activate Now' and follow the steps for the service you're trying to activate.


How do I cancel Stream+?

To cancel your subscription, log into your Self-Serve account on My TELUS and select:

  • Subscriptions tab
  • Click 'Manage' in the subscriptions box you want to cancel
  • Click 'Cancel my subscription'

If you cancel, you will no longer have access to your streaming accounts through TELUS. Your subscription may automatically renew with the streaming provider if your previous method of payment is still on your account and up to date. Otherwise, you may have to update your payment information with them to resume service. When you cancel, your cancellation will be effective at the end of your current billing cycle and as such you'll have access to the subscriptions until then.



To learn more about Stream+ and sign up, be sure to visit our Stream+ page today!




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