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Managing Your Optik TV Channels

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Managing Your Optik TV Channels


With so much great programming on Optik TV, there are always new channels and theme packs you may want to add. Here are two ways you can manage your channels yourself:


Option One - TELUS.com


1. First, log into your account with your username and password.




2. After you log in, on the left hand side, select Optik TV.

3. Once selected, on the right it will display your current TV package. Select Add/remove channels.





4. Channel selection will now appear. Select the Theme Packs or individual channels you want, then click Add. Once all the programming you want are added, click Next at the bottom to proceed.





You will be presented with the confirmation screen, click on Submit my changes to confirm. And you are done!


Option Two - On your TV

For a walkthrough of how to manage your channels directly from your TV, click here.  http://www.telus.com/en/bc/tv/apps/manage-my-channels/

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Just Moved In

Ok. Switched from Shaw to Telus for home internet, phone and tv.  Three weeks in and dozens of reboots later I was tired. 

Three months in and I'm ready to start breach of contract proceedings. Just gathering evidence that the average time between reboots on my optic tv is about 2 hours, and I ALWAYS  have to reboot the entire system before I can watch TV. 

One of the worst mistakes I've ever made