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Blocking SPAM calls at home and on the go

  TELUS is leading the pack when it comes to call filtering, a service that is significantly more effective at blocking spam/robocalls than universal call blocking. TELUS launched our popular and free...


My SmartHome DIY Journey - Smart Lights

Smart Lights Hi, this is Kristen again continuing with my DIY journey. I am not a morning person. Whether it is waking up for my 8:30am university classes or my summer job, I dread the sound of that e...


Keep information safe and secure

Much of our lives is conducted online these days, and many consumers are taking full advantage. If a major shopping or financial site we use suffers a data breach, there's not much we can do about it ...


My SmartHome DIY Journey - Smart Garage Door Opener

My SmartHome DIY Journey - Smart Garage Door Opener Do you ever forget if you have closed your garage door? This happens to me all the time! Sometimes I’m left wondering whether to drive the few block...


Canada Day 2020

Happy Birthday Canada! As our nation soon celebrates its 153rd birthday on July 1, it’s no doubt that things will be a little bit different this time around! While we all obviously won’t be able to ga...


Virtual Summer Camps - powered by TELUS

Keep your kids engaged this summer with Virtual Summer Camps powered by TELUS Nothing can stop summer camp! TELUS Spark, TELUS World of Science - Edmonton, TELUS, and Microsoft are joining forces to b...


Ok Google, what can I do with Google Home?

So now that Google Home devices are everywhere, it helps to know what you can do with them. Here are some cool things you can do with your Google Home. Get the latest updates on things including: weat...