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I think I can speak for all when I say, this holiday season is going to look a bit different. Whether it’s pictures with masked Santa or tuning into a holiday party on Zoom, here are a few new traditions to keep in mind when planning your holiday lineup… 



  • Bundle (and mask) up, get outside and stroll the neighbourhood lights. Almost every community has that street that goes above and beyond in the lights department. Take along a hot cup of cocoa or hot apple cider to keep toasty. 
  • Spread some cheer and give back to your community. Startup a holiday hamper group chat and encourage your friends and family to donate to your local food bank. Visit to find your nearest location or to donate online. 
  • You’ve got mail. I always plan to send holiday cards but, more often than not, I miss the boat. This year, pick out holiday cards as early as you can, host a virtual writing party with your friends, and get them out to your loved ones in time to make it on the fridge. Disclaimer: If you’re reading this after December 20, don’t sweat it. A thoughtful email will do just fine! 
  • Fine dine at home. Takeout and delivery don’t only consist of pizza and fried rice these days. Take a minute and check out your favourite pre-pandemic restaurants to see if they are offering meals-to-go this season. And if you have wheels (and it’s safe), pick up your items yourself to ensure the restaurant staff gets the majority of the cost. 
  • Secret Santa goes virtual. Thankfully, I have a girlfriend that plans Secret Santa each year (I’m looking at you, Saskia) for a group of ten of us. This year, Santa’s gone virtual with the help of, an online Secret Santa generator. Our gift theme this year was shop local, which was chosen in order to support local businesses through these tough times. 


Like many of you, I won’t be in the same room as my family and close friends this year, but I plan on making new traditions and enjoying the holiday season with those who are close, Zoom link and all. 


All this writing has made me hungry. Good thing @Nicole-Natassha is up next with her recipe blog, stay tuned!